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The purposes and objectives of Today's Family Network are: 

  1. To provide Christ-centered education, resources and training to all parents on parenting, on child welfare, on children’s education, on communicating with children, and on understanding and helping children;

  2. To provide interested churches and ministries of all Christian denominations and communities with education, resources and training on communicating with, understanding, educating, ministering to and helping children and families;

  3. To provide Christian fellowship for children, parents and other persons interested in the welfare of children;

  4. To establish and maintain specialized facilities such as classes, drop-in centres, day-camps and programs for children, to develop their full potential and to prepare them to lead healthy, self-fulfilling lives;

  5. To assist children from families facing poverty by providing opportunities for education, skill and personal development, and socialization that would otherwise be unavailable to them;

  6. To establish and maintain specialized facilities such as classes and workshops to educate parents, ministries, and other persons interested in furthering the welfare of children and families;

  7. To promote the welfare of children in the broader community by providing the above services and programs in English and Spanish, as such other languages as the resources of the Society may permit. 

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